Powerful indoor network planning in AutoCAD.

Indoor wireless planning for 5G, Wi-Fi, CBRS, LTE, IoT and UWB inside your AutoDesk product. 

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Indoor Radio Planning in AutoCAD 5G

Meet Indoor network planning in AutoCAD.

  • Indoor Radio Planning 5G
  • Indoor 5G small cell planning report
  • Installation and calculations

    It takes only 2 minutes to install Rantastic — the Autodesk approved plugin, register and you can start working with equipment and wireless technologies in your AutoCAD, Revit, or CIV3D project.

    All heavvy calculation are made on Rantastic cloud.

  • Technologies

    Rantastic supports 5G, Wi-Fi, LTE, IoT and UWB directly inside your AutoCAD or other AutoDesk product.  

  • Equipment

    Rantastic supports active wireless equpment, including Wi-Fi hot spots, 5G/LTE small cells and others.

  • Observe, analyze, deduce

    Analyse the coverage, export the heat maps, quality analysis layers and PDF reports.
    Compare the results with industrial KPI's and Carries Requirements to get better understanding of the system readiness and budget.

Use Cases

Learn how our customers use Rantastic

Superb for quick RFP/RFQ analysis

"We rely on Rantastic every time we need to prepare a BoQ for a tender. Rantastic helps to avoid expensive and time-consuming indoor planning in specific planning tools. We just place equipment in AutoCAD, create the heat maps, control the required KPI's, generate a KPI report and append it to our Offer along with Compliancy Reports and other documentation."

— Andy Bartel, Wireless Boosting, LCC

Make Strong Network Connections for HoReCa

"We renovate HoReCa foundation: hotels and restaurants. Before Rantastic we had to order quite expensive radioplanning projects to assure our customers that Wi-Fi and Cellular Small Cells equipment located properly and will be working well. With Rantastic we just create another layer in AutoCAD and submit all project documentation at once."

— Jessica Morgan, Install Solutions, LDD, AU 

Irregular planning projects with Rantastic

"We need to design just a few projects per year and keeping a specific indoor planning tool doesn't make too much sense for us. With Rantastic simple subscription model we just activate the license for a required period, generate network planning for 5G/LTE in our AutoCad and provide it for the venue owners we work for."

— Phaul Frain, ES Communications, TDD

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  • Basic

    Unlicensed Spectrum
    50% early bird discount included
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  • Enterprise

    For carriers and vendors
    Calculations on premises
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      SaaS on premises
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      Features for RFP/RFI/RFQ
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      Quick RFP analysis and responce
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      Dedicated features
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      Personal Manager

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You Ask — We Tell

  • What is Rantastic?

    Rantastic is an indoor coverage plugin for AutoCAD. It makes a full set of cellular and Wi-Fi heat maps and examinations inside your AutoCAD tool. It shows the coverage, quality and required equipment to cover a specific floor with wireless technology, such as Wi-Fi, 5G, LTE, UWB and others. 

  • How calculations made?

    Ranastic uses 3GPP prediction models, the user defines equipment and does walls materials matching from AutoCAD layers to our materials library. Using this data we generate the heat maps and analysis. 

  • Rantastic uses Cloud computation, does it mean all my data will be copied to your cloud?

    We do not copy files, metadata or files attributes, Rantastic only generates a floor model and uses this model on the cloud to get system heat maps. This model removes automatically once the prediction is done. 

  • Which versions of AutoCAD Rantastic supports?

    Rantastic supports AutoCAD 2015 and later. 

  • What the difference between Rantastic and dedicated indoor planning tools?

    Each tool has its pros and cons, please refer to the blog post where we have gathered some differentiators. 

  • What the advantages of Rantastic?

    • Works very fast without using local computation resources
    • The monthly plan allows using the tool only when needed
    • Only 2 minutes to get radio planning for indoor
    • One tool covers both: engineering and network planning, no need to keep data in two tools
    • Very reasonable price compared to any planning tools
  • Can I use it for outdoor planning?

    Yes, Rantastic supports also the campus planning mode, with a few building located in the same area. 

  • Is it mandatory to have AutoCAD?

    Yes, Rantastic works as a plugin in AutoCAD for the moment. 

  • How accurate your tool?

    Accuracy depends on many factors, like your plans, obstacles, equipment settings. We have done calibrations to make sure that Rantastic accurate enough to make sure your system will be performing as Rantastic predicts.

  • Is it anyhow good?


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